My inner child

My inner child is just a component of me. She is, hopefully, the most creative, most buoyant and spontaneous part of me. I believe I arrived on earth as a fully intact spirit, open to growth opportunities. As each new experience happened, I changed, subtly and sometimes in ways that were negative. If one observes little children playing together, one notices they are free from worry and actually exuberant in their behavior. I suppose I was like that as well, being intuitively loving, so happy to have a body to run and jump and play and be who God created me to be.

Somewhere in childhood, I lost some of my joy and spontaneity and became ultimately pretty shut down. I think that was a result of various experiences that one might call “negative” and even traumatic. I became less an inner child intuitive and more a sad, depressed, adolescent.
One positive aspect of becoming an adult was that I realized I always have choices about how to respond to life. I can choose my own attitude and choose to use my problems as my teachers. I have the freedom to use all the negative experiences in life as a refiner and as a stepping stone to growth. There are ways to capitalize on my problems and learn the lessons from them that I probably couldn’t have learned in any other manner. More yet, I can use them as a way to change core patterns that I have developed all throughout my life. I can allow my weaknesses to become strengths.

Some of my favorite mentors have been those who have overcome problems in the same areas that I am struggling in. Jesus is my favorite mentor. He has experienced everything I have suffered and struggled with already. He knows how to best help me and who to send my way in dealing with specific problems. I have a good friend in Northern Carolina. She is an artist. She has so much experience in very specific areas that I have and continue to struggle with. How the Lord brought us together is a miraculous coincidence.
I have another friend in Pennsylania who is 88 years old. She is so positive about life and always lives in gratitude. I have learned so much from her. I am in awe of the Lord’s handiwork here on earth. There is so much love here, if I just focus on the good, and try and become better myself. I am grateful for all my friends and family who are so, so good. God has good creative talents. And He continues to bless………………all of us, with hard times, and good times, and in the end, they are all blessings!

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Wow! I love the song. God has given you such talent. Thank you for sharing this with us. Your wiring reminds of the verse that says that he gives us comfort in the midst of trials so that we too can comfort others.

Such beautiful insight. This is something pretty much all of us can identify with and learn from. Thank you, Lisa.

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