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Heal Our Land

When I look at an American Flag, I see so much more than stars and stripes. It is more than just a symbol. This is the AMERICAN flag which was built over time, with more and more states, being added. Each time our country has seemed on the verge of crisis, of being destroyed, of not making it this time, there have been brave, good men who have stepped up to lead our sometimes very tattered country. When I think of Abraham Lincoln, George Washington, and others, I think of those men that were raised up by God for such a time as this. They were not perfect men, they weren’t even great men until they had been proved in the refiner’s fire of God’s testing of our country and their own mortal hearts The song “Heal Our Land” is written for now, our own internal crisis and rending of our soul as a nation. How can we stand by and let all that this country has stood for over time, erode away? Will we allow our freedom of religion, to bear arms, and of free speech to fall by the wayside? Songs have been written and soldiers have marched for these freedoms in the past. Can we now sit by and just “watch it all go?”. I cannot. I will not. I will keep trying to push the symbols of our country and the flag and all the freedoms we have, in front of others as a reminder of WHO WE ARE AS A NATION. We are the UNITED States. We are a republic. We must stand firm in our freedoms and remind the upcoming generation of how precious those freedoms are. May God Bless America.

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