Lisa Powell

I was born in Ann Arbor Michigan, ( a college town ), and grew up in Salt Lake City, Utah.

I grew up loving horses and loving music. I have two children, and my husband helps me with this web page and takes all the pictures, and is a wiz on the computer.

I liked playing music by ear growing up, but have disciplined myself to be able to play and write music, including choir music. I have had many great teachers, that gave me of their time and talents. We have a church choir here in Fort Collins, Colorado that is kind enough to try out my pieces. Fort Collins is also a college town. Go CSU!

Statue of
            Christ, Joseph Smith Memorial Building, SLC, UT - click to
            enlargeMy philosophy of life is that we are all put here on earth by a loving Father in Heaven. He knew you and I before this life, and he knows what talents and gifts we brought to this world. I write music because I think it makes Heavenly Father happy. I seek not for fame or money but only to do His Will. I feel like His Son, Jesus Christ, loves me and all of us and wants all of us to develop our gifts to enrich each other's lives. I have many good friends that make me very happy with their gifts. May you know how much Heavenly Father loves you. I know that the trials that have come to me in my life have only brought me closer to Him, when I have sought His Will in every situation. Sometimes His Will has not been my will, but in the end it has always been for the best. May you feel His love in all inspiring music, everywhere. He loves all of us. This I know with all my heart.